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Sinking Every one of Toussaint's pans are individual works of art, all slightly different, all hand made from scratch.

All of the pans start off as either 45 gallon or oversize oil-drums. Toussaint then uses a large hammer to drop the flat end of the drum into a deep dish shape. Templates are then used to mark out the different notes, the shapes and sizes being critical to obtain a perfect note.

Carlo Norville sinking a galvanised bass
The depth the drum is sunk to depends on the instrument required. Basses are relatively shallow whilst the tenor pan is deeply dished giving a shrill sound. Great care has to be taken to ensure the thin steel isn't split during this sinking process.

Next the edges of the notes are scored using a punch to define the border between the vibrating note and the non-vibrating metal surrounding it.


Heating Heat treatment is next and the drums are heated with a blow torch until the metal turns cherry red.

Finally after cleaning the drums are sent away to be chromed in a chrome bath.

Upon return to Toussaint he tunes each note to perfection. Click here to find out more about Toussaint's tuning.

Toussaint heating a bass
Even after 30 years Toussaint is still developing his techniques, his latest is using finishing pastes to polish down galvenised steel drums resulting in a chrome-like finish. Carlos with new bass
Carlo modelling the shiny basses


Please contact us for pricing details of our pans and accessories. We supply virtually every kind of steel pan and a wide variety of finishes. If you have a special requirement we can almost certainly help you. We also supply accessories such as stands, cases and sticks.
Note the mirror-like polished finish  

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