Toussaint specialises in teaching steel pan to Secondary School age children. You can start with an introductory workshop and carry on learning until the group is ready for public performances. Toussaint will take a group to whatever level is required. Previously he has taken bands from knowing nothing about the art of pan and worked with them to international performance levels. You can be assured that Toussaint will demand a lot out of his students but in return they will learn very quickly the many skills needed to play pan.

The students will work primarily as a group and Toussaint works hard to develop team spirit, providing encouragement, motivation and a wealth of knowledge to draw upon. Toussaint will build close working relationships with the students and the staff.

Barbados panyard
Toussaint teaching one of his bands (Real Steel) while on tour in Barbados
With his deep involvment and many contacts on the National and International steel pan scene Toussaint quickly builds links between his students and professional groups and individuals around the country and world. Indeed his students have participated in joint events involving up to 7 of his bands as well as participating in the national Panorama, in the Notting Hill Carnival and collaborating with other groups such as the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

Toussaint is currently teaching Bands in Dartmouth, Penzance (Hammered Steel), Plymouth (Real Steel) Portsmouth (Sounds of Steel) and Swindon.

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